"Human rights are not worthy of the name if they do not protect the people we don't like as well as those we do." Trevor Phillips, "To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity." Nelson Mandela, "Men Their Rights And Nothing More Women Their Rights And Nothing Less." Susan Anthony


Enlighten community members of their rights and means of protecting themselves so as to curtail human rights violations.

Peace Tree Network carries out training on Human Rights to empower communities with skills and knowledge to advocate for Human Rights and denounce abuses.

PTN believes that all human beings throughout the world would like to be respected, and live in harmony while participating in the development of their communities. This is only possible if people know their Human Rights and the abuse of the rights reported to the appropriate authorities, for legal action to be taken. It is an obvious thing that law enforcement cannot be put into action unless people know their rights and exercise them.

As the saying goes, “knowledge is power”, Peace Tree Network (PTN) has played the role of empowering people to know their rights in order to foster peaceful co-existence among states in the region. In the view of enhancing knowledge on Human Rights and reporting of abuses, PTN initiated Trainings of Trainers (TOTs) in four Sub-counties of Kwale County namely: Kinango, Lunga Lunga, Matuga and Msambweni.


Human Rights Defenders Training

The training was meant to equip the human rights defenders with more skills and mechanisms for safeguarding themselves. 60 participants selected from Matuga and Msambweni sub-counties in Kwale attended the sessions from 8th to 13th June 2015.

Human Rights and Reporting Abuses

A total of 50 participants chosen from CBOs, local administration and youth groups from Matuga and Lunga Lunga sub-counties in Kwale  attended. The objective of the forum was to empower the community to be able to address issues like marginalization in land allocation, the education sector and infrastructure development.

Human Rights Workshops

Against the backdrop of simmering tensions being experienced in the country, PTN carried out Human Rights workshops in Matuga and Lunga Lunga sub-counties in Kwale. The workshops were held in Mwenza Primary School whereby 40 participants drawn from the youth, people with disabilities and women groups.

Social Village Forums

PTN engaged in social forums at the grass root level in 5th to 9th December, 2015. The forums were held in three different schools and a total of 116 members of the community participated. the objective was to share the way forward on prevention of defilement and violence against women and to have in place clear laws that protect widows on inheriting property of deceased spouses. one main forum was done to wrap up the village forums at the Kenya Red Cross under the theme “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World, Make Education Safe for All.”


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