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In the past, a young man tries to get home after he is separated from his load when he catches pigs and finds that a wolf friend loses to establish a friendship that will change humankind.

Director: Albert Hughes

Authors: Daniel Sebastian Viedenhaupt (screen script), AlbertHughes (story)

Serie: Smit-McPhee, Natassia Malthe, Leonor Varela

Genres: Antur | Drama | Families

Country: USA

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Video: Video MPEG4 (H264) 1072k592

Svíti: DolbiAC3 4294949760Hz429kbps stereo

Language: Old

Subtitles: English

Note: This movie does not exist in the old languagewhat is he like. But he has many English titles everywhere.

In the past, a young man tries to get home after he was separated from his burden while hunting on the field. He finds friends of lost lions and begins friendship that will change mankind.


Authors AlbertHughes:

DanielSebastian Viedenhaupt (script), Albert Hughes (story a) Star:

Smit-McPhee, JhannesHaukur Jhannesson, Marcin Kovalczik An epic adventure in the last Ice Age, ALFA describes an interesting, wonderful story that shines the light of the nature of a good friend for man. During the first onehunting with a group of many scientists, the boy is injured and must learn to live alone in the desert. Following the only wolf that leaves their pack, they are both taught to be impossible complications, risks and unnecessary constant behavior to return home before winter.

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